Surrender – If It’s Meant to Be

How much effort and energy is required to try to be in control of your circumstances? What if you were able to release all of that and surrender to what is meant to be? We live in a society that tells us that we can have anything we desire and to a certain degree that’s true. Where that belief system can become problematic is when we get attached to certain outcomes. But how do you do that? You become a space of faith and surrender to what is meant to be and allowing it to show up however it shows up.

I know, depending on the impact of that thing, it can be very difficult. I know because I’ve been there and still go there sometimes. What I’ve learned is that in certain circumstances, trying to force a resolution or an outcome is absolutely exhausting, so on this show, we’re going to talk about letting go of control, allowing things to be what they are, and making peace with your current circumstances.