How to Reset Your
Subliminal Soundtrack

Your Subliminal Soundtrack™ is made up of messages that have been created throughout your life by every experience, every lesson you’ve ever learned, every conversation you’ve ever had, every single thing that you’ve ever bought into as a truth. The fact is that whatever you believe to be true will be true for you, even if it’s based on completely incorrect information. The bad news is that if your Subliminal Soundtrack™ is full of negative messaging and limiting beliefs, those messages will influence every area of your life. The good news is that you can change it! 

In this insightful presentation you will learn how to change that internal dialogue and create a more positive and supportive Subliminal Soundtrack™ that will propel you toward success in every area of your life.

Learn How To: 

  • Tap into your current Subliminal Soundtrack™ and make a positive difference in your life forever.
  • Change your life by releasing limiting beliefs around money, financial abundance, and worthiness. 
  • Improve your relationships by developing the courage to speak your truth. 
  • Make more positive choices in your life, career, and relationships as you embrace your true worth.

Creating Your Life
on Purpose

In this motivational presentation you will discover how Jackie overcame her own tragic life challenges and took back her life so she could create a new one full of joy and purpose. 

Learn how to move past challenges and make decisions based upon your true desires, passion, purpose and happiness. Discover how to Create Your Life On Purpose as Jackie walks you through the proven steps she has developed to find joy, laughter and happiness in every area of your life. 

Learn How To: 

  • Uncover your own needs, dreams, and desires and why they are just as important as everyone else’s. 
  • See your body is a beautiful gift, just as it is right now.
  • Embrace the understanding that you are worthy of everything you desire and are willing to take action to create. 
  • Finally create the career, financial circumstances, and relationships that you truly desire.

The 3 Biggest Mistakes

The 3 Biggest Mistakes Busy, Successful Women Make That Keep Them Broke, Frustrated, and Exhausted

There is one relationship we often overlook that should actually be the most important relationship in our lives… There is only one person who will be with you every day of your life from birth to death. YOU! You may be so busy meeting the needs of others that you neglect your own needs, desires, and self-care. It’s not your fault and it’s not even uncommon! It’s very easy to get caught up in all of our responsibilities and our To-Do lists and meeting those needs and demands often means we have no time or energy for anything else. If that’s where you’re at, it is vital to learn to take quality time for yourself! 

In this inspiring workshop, Jackie helps you examine what you’re currently doing and what you can do to make yourself a TOP priority in your own life.

Learn How To: 

  • Prioritize your own self-care and how taking time for yourself will actually give you more to give to the ones you love. 
  • Effectively delegate to others to avoid emotional and physical burn out.
  • Drop the cape and tights and free yourself from the pressure of trying to be a real life “Super Woman”.
  • See yourself as deserving and worthy of happiness, joy, fun, and fulfillment. 

Money Mindset Barriers

Money Mindset Barriers That Keep You Broke and How to Break Free From Them

If you are feeling stuck or like you never have the financial circumstances you desire, this motivational presentation is for you. 

Learn how your own internal conditioning or the messages that are currently playing in your subconscious mind all day every day may be causing blockages and limitations.

Discover how to challenge those negative messages, and learn how to create a more positive belief system around worthiness, money, and what it means to have it. Uncover the secrets to begin creating and living your life with a healthy, abundant mindset.

Learn How To: 

  • Uncover the most common unhealthy beliefs people have around money and how to overcome them. 
  • Impact your life now with improved mindset conditioning skills. 
  • Shift your thinking from a mentality of lack and limitation to one of abundance.
  • Create and embrace a different way of being with money that will help you create more comfort and ease with your financial circumstances.