I Made Room for ME

A few weeks ago, I signed up for a 5-day challenge with Tony Robbins. I wasn’t sure why except that it spoke to me and I knew that there was something I needed to hear or learn. Whenever I feel that “pull”, I know there is.

Today was the first day and love him or don’t, this man has some good ones. Talking about breakthroughs and he says this: “You will hold onto your pain until you find something you value more than your pain.” Tony Robbins

Have you ever done that? I know I have. If I’m really honest, I know I’ve done this many times. I’ve held onto my pain/anger/grief/righteous indignation… and the hard truth is this: Doing that somehow served me. I know, right? OUCH 😫

There was some payoff or some benefit from holding on to the exact things that stopped me from moving toward the very things I wanted. I couldn’t because I was too busy/I had too many responsibilities/I didn’t have the money or resources. I couldn’t because… fill in the blank. And the amazing thing was that all of those things were real. All of those circumstances were 100% accurate and as long as I bought into whatever story I was telling myself, that story was always true. Also true was this: as long as I bought into it, I didn’t have to do or be the thing I was born to do and be.

It was exhausting having to hide myself from others and having to hide the truth from myself, but that was somehow easier than simply allowing myself to BE. It makes no sense at all, and if you’ve ever been there, you’ll know that it also makes perfect sense!

But one day, that pain and exhaustion became too much. One day, something had to change and something had to give. One day, I had to let go, I had to forgive. One day, I had to make the decision that my health/happiness/fulfillment… are all more valuable than my pain.

What I learned was this. When I released those uncomfortable things and changed the stories that made it possible for me to live there for far too long, I made room for the yummy stuff. I made room for Love. I made room for Joy. I made room for a different version of me to show up with the compassion and wisdom I’d gained and to use those gifts for myself and others. I made room for me.

You always have a choice. You can hold onto those uncomfortable feelings, God knows you’ve earned them, right?! OR you can let it go and make room for the yummy stuff. You cannot do both.

If you’re willing to value yourself more than your pain, what will you make room to bring into your life? Now THAT is the good stuff!

With SO much love…