About Jackie

Jackie Mott

Jackie Mott is a powerhouse speaker and coach whose true brilliance lies in her ability to talk about difficult subjects using her own unique brand of wisdom, vulnerability, and humor, and she lives from her belief that “Life doesn’t have to be so damn serious!”

Jackie’s coaching and speaking business was born after she lost her sister in a tragic car accident. She thought she had it all. A solid marriage, a happy family, friends she loved, a thriving accounting practice, a comfortable home, and two big silly dogs. What more could a person want?

It took the shock of losing her sister to help Jackie see that although she had everything a person is supposed to desire, she was desperately unhappy. She was working too hard for not enough money, was sacrificing her health, and was working to build a life and a future with a partner she loved deeply but who was no longer a good fit for her.

Over the next several years, she became a seeker. She took classes and workshops and worked on healing herself. Eventually, she began speaking about her experience and the process of working through her grief, and she learned that she had a unique perspective that seemed to help others. She started running workshops and classes of her own and working with small groups of women, teaching them what she’d learned.

Jackie finally hit rock bottom when her marriage of over 20 years ended suddenly and without warning.

As she walked through her own personal “Ground Zero” and dismantled the life she’d been living for so long, it was necessary to face truths she’d been unwilling and unable to see and that challenged everything she’d believed to be true. In order to move forward, she had to clear the rubble, learn who she truly was, and completely rebuild her life. In order to do that, Jackie had to challenge a lifetime’s worth of conditioning and limiting beliefs and recreate herself from the ground up.

Over time, she began to see herself in a completely different way. She began to truly understand that she was stronger and more capable than she’d ever realized, and the phoenix finally rose from the ashes of her former life.

When asked, Jackie says, “What keeps me going is seeing the breakthroughs I’m privileged to witness and share. I’ve worked with people from many walks of life, and every single one of them has a unique story, unique gifts, and talents, unique hopes and dreams, and they’re all being held back by the limiting beliefs they carry on their Subliminal Soundtrack. Watching their faces light up when they really understand they don’t have to live that way brings me more joy than I have words to express. I sincerely hope to continue with this work for the rest of my life, and I’m excited to see how it will evolve and change. It feels like very important work, and it’s incredibly rewarding.”