About Jackie

Jackie Mott

Jackie Mott is a master of resilience and mindset mastery. Her life wasn’t always that way and that is the very reason she has become a mindset coach, speaker, and author in support of her clients and to pave an easier path for them to follow.

When Jackie was just 17 years old, she became a mother. It’s probably not hard to imagine that coming home pregnant at 16 created some challenges, but where the real problem came in was when she bought into the ideas that this one decision had ruined her life and that she could never recover from that.

It took over two decades for Jackie to break free from that limited programming and the negative subconscious messages these experiences created. She invested thousands of hours, read hundreds of books, took dozens of courses and workshops, and worked with counsellors and facilitators, coaches and trainers before she could finally uncover what was actually holding her back. This allowed her to break free and create the transformational breakthrough to remove the barriers. It was only then that she could begin to become who she was always meant to be… a smart, strong, positive, funny, compassionate and supportive woman.

One day, Jackie was speaking in front of a group and the phrase “Subliminal Soundtrack” fell out of her mouth and brought with it a huge epiphany. She finally understood that the messaging playing in the back of her mind all day, every day had been ruling her life and causing her to create every circumstance in her life. Those same limiting beliefs had been what had ruined her life and caused her to create a life that reflected exactly those beliefs! They had influenced her career choices, her financial circumstances, her “lack mentality”, her relationships… they had influenced EVERYTHING!

When she started to understand that, she set out to develop a system made up of everything she had learned over the years. In the end, she created the “Subliminal Soundtrack Re-Set” system. This unique system is where she boiled down everything that she’d learned and everything she had done to break free of those limiting beliefs, break through the barriers she had created for herself, and ultimately to create a life that allows her to live her purpose. This allowed her to begin having more fun, more joy, more confidence, and a more positive impact on the world around her.

Jackie no longer lives at the mercy of those negative messages, she has broken free and has created her life on purpose… a life that supports others through this same proven system, teaching them to do what she has already done.

Through her coaching programs, speaking, podcast, workshops, videos, and writing, Jackie now works with people to help them uncover the Subliminal Soundtrack messages that are holding them back and keeping them stuck, re-program those messages, and create a mindset wired for success.